WHAT SOME OF OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY (please note you may now leave us a review on the product(s) page of the item(s) you purchased) : 

I received my piston upper from you guys last month and following the advice from Charles I went and shot the hell out of it, about 750 rounds in one afternoon, and had zero problems. I absolutely love this upper! The way you guys have it gassed the recoil is so very light. I can’t say enough good things about this upper and your company. -Keith 

ALL THE BLACK RIFLE ARMS PISTON SYSTEMS I HAVE ARE A WORK OF ART! I’ve sold and owned many different piston systems and the Black Rifle Arms System is the best there is! No Carrier bounce and best of all it works on all the Select Fire weapons we build for Law Enforcement! Charles (the owner) is an easy guy to work with and he is very knowledgeable and will help anyone having an AR problem. Great customer service, I highly recommend Black Rifle Arms! -Gary Williams, CLASS 3 TACTICAL

Good evening Teresa, I first want to say that I received my upper yesterday and could not be more satisfied with your product. It looks great and preforms even better. I’m so impressed with your product I would really like to buy another one. -Bryan 

I just got back from the range…I put 500 rounds through the new Spartan carbine with the pull through piston system, I have to say it ran flawless. 400rds of what I had was TulAmmo and it never missed a beat. Everything I put in it was eaten up like nobody’s business. Accurate and smooth. While I was there many other were shooting their AR’s, from DS, BM, Cxxx, and SW. All of them tried the BRA and I have to say they were full of Envy. Great Job. PS….they all inquired on where to get one…so I told them. -Jay

Charles, Your bolt carrier is nothing short of amazing, I was very impressed with the low recoil. I give the carrier system big thumbs up. -Trevor

Seriously guys, get one. I have a Black Rifle Arms upper in 7.62×39, it runs like a top. 

Took my 7.62×39 Piston Upper to the range today…ran all my mags through it without one problem. -Jon 

Charles thanks man. I went to the range with my buddies, and the surplus ammo that my DI Rifle would not shoot is running the surplus ammo with no problems with your gas piston system installed. I can finally shoot the surplus ammo I bought a couple of years ago that has been sitting around. -Richard 

The rifle arrived today, and it is awesome! Thanks again for all of your help and when I am building my next rifle I’ll give you and Charles a call. -Jon 

I got to sight in the new rifle today, that thing is sweet. Tell Charles thank you for me and that I really like this new rifle. And the workmanship is first class. Can’t say enough good things about it. -Jack 

Just wanted send a note telling you how happy I am with my 7.62×39 upper receiver. Thanks to Google, I stumbled upon Black Rifle Arms. I had questions and you took the time to answer all of them. I never realized what a great system I was getting until I purchased it and took it out to the range. My AR-15 is AWESOME, and it chews up surplus military ammo like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve never had a misfire, FTF, stovepipe or other problem with my AR, and I can’t believe how clean this system runs, especially considering the ammo I’m shooting. Seriously… you’ve built a better mouse trap! Anyways, thanks for creating such a fun toy for big boys. I’m having a blast thanks to you! -Charlie 

I received my 7.62×39 gas piston upper on Tuesday. Thank you for the excellent service. I was very impressed with the workmanship of your product. Took it to the range yesterday and was immediately impressed with its accuracy right out of the box. This is a ballistic equivalent to a 30-30 in an ACCURATE semi-automatic platform. What more could a hog hunter want. Congratulations on an amazing product. -Craig 

Black Rifle Arms 7.62×39 Mid Length Gas Piston System. Wooo Hooo! Gun shot great considering I haven’t put red dot on yet. Shot about 250rds before we ran outa light. I had to lock upper in my locker to keep the guys from playing with til after work. Big shoot on weekend if no snow. Thank you Charles and Teresa. In touch soon, -Cooter 

Your company has been absolutely “Fantastic”. You have provided the best response of any company that I have ever dealt with. Special thanks to Teresa for keeping me so well informed. I look forward to doing business with you again. -William 

Wanted to let you know I received my package today. It looks fantastic, can’t wait to go out and shoot. You and your company are the absolute epitome of “Customer Service”. You could sure give lessons. Thanks again for everything, I look forward for the 308 to become available. Please keep me posted. -William 

Charles, attached are 3 photos of my system using your Bolt Carrier. Love how smooth it cycles now! -Paul 

(DI CARRIER) Awesome quality, functions superb! Very fast shipping! Love it thx, good job. -Javier 

(DI CARRIER) Good quality. Future of bolt carriers. Fast shipping! Will do business again -Ryan