Law Enforcement and Military Accounts

Black Rifle Arms® offers discounted pricing for individuals who are active/retired US Military and Law Enforcement personnel. Shop online 24/7 at your discounted price. 

If you need to register please visit our registration page: REGISTRATION PAGE
  • Under "Account Type" select: LE/MIL Account
  • Fill out the form and submit
  • Please follow email instructions
  • Account will be enabled upon receiving credentials, usually within 24 to 48 hours.
    •  It is AGAINST federal law to copy Federal Agent Credentials or Military IDs.
    •  ACCEPTABLE forms of documentation are: 
      •  Letter (on official unit/department letterhead) verifying current service status signed by your commander, chief, or sheriff 
      •  Redacted copy of DD214 
      • Department picture ID front and back (State and Local LE/1st Responder only)
      • If you are active LE/MIL an email stating you registered for an LE/MIL Account from your department's email address will suffice
Once your account has been activated you will be notified through email and at this time you will able to log into your account. 
Click Log In at the top of Black Rifle Arms and once logged in you now have access to LE/MIL pricing. 

The information on this page is intended for individual soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen and law enforcement personnel who are purchasing gear with their own personal funds - it does not relate to U.S. Government or state and local law enforcement agency purchases.