Why a Silencer Gas Setting?

Posted by Charles on 11/1/2018
Why a Silencer Gas Setting?
The amount of gas in your face is directly related to how much back pressure the silencer creates. Secondarily gas in one’s face can increase or decrease depending on how fast the firearm’s bolt unlocks and extracts a fired cartridge. The velocity at which the bolt unlocks and extracts a fired cartridge increases on average 20 to 30% due to silencer back pressure. It should be noted that gas in the face is not a significant issue with bolt action firearms because the bolt stays lock until the silencer back pressure has dissipated.

FirearmTutorials.com Review of Black Rifle Arms CAPS Piston System

Posted by Administrator on 9/30/2015
Thank you to Eric of FirearmTutorials.com

Carrier Tilt

Posted by Administrator on 6/1/2014
Carrier Tilt

AR-15 Upper Components Check List

Posted by Administrator on 1/19/2014
Components needed for complete piston conversion build. A complete uppers list that you can check off to ensure you have all the components needed to complete your piston upper build.

.308 Gas Piston Systems

Posted by Management on 1/2/2014
Black Rifle Arms® .308 Piston Uppers vs .308 Piston Conversion

As of late, we have been getting a lot of inquiries if we have a .308 gas piston conversion, so we feel the need to address it.