The company was founded in 2009 on the belief that an appropriately designed gas piston system would improve upon the existing AR operating systems. There are a few components we designed into our gas piston system that was not by accident, but through prototyping, testing, and engineering we improved upon the piston platform. As we designed our gas piston system we looked to the future, and designed a gas piston system that would be versatile and could evolve over time as we grew our product line to include larger calibers. Along the way we designed the patented carrier buffer to eliminate wear and tilt that other systems experience, no extra aftermarket parts to add and no metal on metal contact. 

Our plan is to continue pushing Black Rifle evolution toward unmatched reliability coupled with classic AR ergonomics and versatility. One industry insider upon inspecting our system stated "IT'S SO SIMPLE ITS STUPID!" ....yes it is simple by design; Simplicity equals Reliability.

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service, and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

Product Statement: We strive to produce the highest quality products; however, if there is an issue we will stand behind the Black Rifle Arms products and work with you to make it right. We do not accept returns were items have been modified. Any modifications void our warranty.

We test fire all uppers with Wolf Ammunition, if it doesn't work with Wolf Ammunition we don't ship.


Since being founded in 2009, we have strived to produce a piston system we would trust our lives to. Due to our policy of using the best materials and its applications we have been able to achieve a piston system we find combat ready. In the years we have been in business we have NEVER, YES NEVER, have had to replace ANY parts on our piston systems with ANY of our customers due to a failure. 

We founded Black Rifle Arms because after using several other manufacturers piston systems we were not satisfied, so we prototyped our own in the beliefs that we would only make what we needed for our rifles. However, when a few firearms manufacturers saw it and shot our piston uppers they stated we could not keep this just for ourselves. Before we became a business we spent a year talking with Metallurgist and coating experts, and how different coatings/chemical reactions interacted with materials we were choosing. We listened, and we applied and choose the best materials for each application. During this time we continued R&D and by doing our homework during R&D it allowed us to put out a product we have the utmost confidence in. By not having to deal with issues with our piston parts, it allows us to continue our builds, R&D and dedicating ourselves to our customers.

Black Rifle Arms piston systems are precision machined, and, therefore, we hold tight tolerances.