Our 300 Blackout systems are non-adjustable. Why?

It was determined during our R&D process that by utilizing a piston of a particular size and proper positioning of the gas port location we could achieve outstanding reliability without adding the complexity of a regulated system. Although we are known for our regulated piston systems, and really believe in them because they offer significant benefits with typical rifle calibers especially with suppressed firearm due to suppressor back-pressure that may increase bolt carrier velocity by as much as 30 percent. 

Our regulators provide a means to mitigate over gas situations, and compensates for underpowered ammunition which is common with standard rifle calibers; however, 300BLK self-mitigates these gassing issues to a significant degree by virtue of its design. For example, with subsonic ammunition you have a bullet that is typically twice the weight of a supersonic bullet, and it is moving at less than half the velocity. This creates a situation where subsonic bullets are in the barrel about twice as long providing a longer gas impulse. Conversely supersonic bullets are moving about twice as fast and at much higher pressure. These characteristics enable us to utilize our piston system and gas port positioning to effectively balance between the longer dwell time of subs versus higher peak pressure of supersonic ammunition. 

The key here is we balance gas pressure and dwell time with piston size and gas port positioning to optimize reliability, thus eliminating the need to regulate our 300BLK Piston Uppers.