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Compact Pistol Tube Kit
Sample Picture of Compact Pistol Tube Kit on AR-15 Pistol (This product does not include complete pistol or stock/brace)

Compact Pistol Tube Kit

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Compact Pistol Tube Kit

In light of the ATF's new interpretation of the uses of stabilizing braces we have repurposed our PDW stock into a hybrid PDW stock or compacted pistol tube assembly. The new hybrid design utilizes the same patented buffer and spring assembly as our original PDW stock kit. The kit has buffer weight options including carbine, H2, and pistol weight that enable the firearm to be finely tuned. Our compact pistol tube kit with pistol buffer will enable the use of pistol caliber AR15 type firearms. The H2 buffer ensures reliable operation with select-fire weapons.  The receiver extension (pistol tube) is 5 5/8" in overall length. This kit is meant to replace stabilizing braces so the end user may own an AR15 type firearm with a barrel length less than 16" and avoid conflict with the ATF's rule change, as it relates to the use of stabilizing braces. 

Compact Pistol Tube Kit Features:
  • Flutes on receiver extension allows Strikes Cheek Rest to be utilized.
  • Added a relief cut for End Plate and Castle attachment
  • Machined from Aircraft quality aluminum billet
  • Mil-spec hard coat anodized finish

You can choose between these buffer and spring combos:
  • Carbine Buffer/Spring with Buffer Tube
    • Carbine Buffer weight 3.15 oz
  • Pistol Buffer/Spring with Buffer Tube
    • Pistol Buffer weight 7.45 oz
  • H2 Buffer/Spring with Buffer Tube
    • H2 Buffer weight 4.60 oz.
    • H2 Buffer is recommended for full-auto use

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