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  2. Liability of Credit Card Chargeback / Fraud
In order to prevent Credit Card Chargeback by Friendly Fraud we have implemented a program that a customer can be pursued by means of civil liability court. We have the right to provide security footage of all shipping tables that record all orders being fulfilled that will show a customers name and address, order number, items being ordered by way of invoice and we will provide shipping envelope that shows contents being gather and collected for that shipment. We will provide this evidence as proof that Terms Of Service were fulfilled. Please note that all shipping tables are recorded. If a customer falsely submits a chargeback stating an item is not received we have the right to take such civil matters to court under a civil liability. When you agree to our Terms and Conditions during checkout you agree that in such Friendly Fraud credit card chargebacks you waive the right to have a civil liability court filing in your state, but agree to Black Rifle Arms filing a civil lawsuit in the State of Florida where our services were rendered (I.E. where our online store is located, where our customer service and shipping facility is located, and where products are packaged and shipped from). You agree if you engage in friendly fraud you agree not only a civil lawsuit will be filed in the State of Florida, but you will be liable to show up to represent yourself in this case and are liable for all court cost and court findings, cost of the appearance, including but not limited to court fees, lodging, food, transportation, time loss at work, or any cost associated with time loss, etc. You, the customer, also agree that rather the court finds in favor or not in favor of our civil lawsuit of Black Rifle Arms you waive all rights to pursue cost associated with court cost and fees, lodging, food, transportation, time loss at work, or any cost associated with time loss, etc. We take credit card friendly fraud seriously.