M5 .308 Lower Parts Kit, Minus FCG/Pistol Grip

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Aero Precision USA M5 .308 Lower Parts Kit, Minus FCG/Pistol Grip

Aero Precision USA M5 (.308) lower parts kit helps you to build a custom .308 AR from the ground up. 
Mil-spec dimensions and coating ensure the highest quality and correct component interface. 

This lower parts kit does not include the fire control group or pistol grip. 

Aero Precision M5 (.308) Complete Lower Parts Kit 
Aero Precision Custom takedown and pivot pins are made to work with our M5 lower. They will work with DPMS-pattern lowers as well but will stick out further. 

Takedown/Pivot Spring 
Takedown/Pivot Detent 
M5 .308 Takedown Pin 
M5 .308 Pivot Pin M5 .308 Bolt Catch 
Bolt Catch Spring 
Bolt Catch Buffer 
Bolt Catch Roll pin (includes standard and threaded) 
Safety Selector 
Safety Selector Spring 
Safety Selector Detent 
Buffer Retainer 
Buffer Retainer Spring 
Magazine Catch Body 
Magazine Catch Spring 
Extended Magazine Catch Button

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