M5 .308 Stripped Lower Receiver
M5 .308 Stripped Lower Receiver

M5 .308 Stripped Lower Receiver

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Aero Precision USA M5 .308 Stripped Lower Receiver

Aero Precision USA M5 .308 Stripped Lower Receiver helps you build a big-bore AR from the ground up. Mil-spec dimensions and coating ensure the highest quality and correct component interface.

Don’t forget to BUY an Aero Precision M5 .308 Lower Parts Kit. Aero Precisions LPK is specifically designed to work with the M5 Lower Receiver and includes custom take-down and pivot pins as well as an extended magazine catch button.

  • Works with Standard AR 308 Components and Magazines
  • Upper Tension Screw - Allows users to fine-tune the fit of the upper and lower receiver through the use of a nylon tipped tension set screw inserted in the grip tang of the lower receiver
  • Rear Take-Down Pin Detent Hole is Threaded for a 4-40 Set Screw
  • Bolt Catch is Threaded for a Screw Pin (no roll pin needed)
  • Integrated Trigger Guard
  • Selector Markings Will Work with 45, 60 or 90 Degree Safety Selectors
  • Accepts Battle Arms Development Short Throw Safety Selectors (will work with any standard selector)
  • No Gap with Aftermarket Pistol Grips 

  • Stripped M5 (.308) Lower Receiver in Anodized Black 
  • Nylon tipped tension set screw

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