We set out to improve upon existing bolt carriers. 

The enhanced carrier's integrated buffer helps not only to eliminate metal on metal contact during transition from upper to lower receivers, It also buffers the impact between carrier and buffer. 

Polymer Buffer:
  • Eliminate metal on metal contact
  • Eliminates contact between the hardened steel carrier, aluminum receiver extension and buffer
  • Self-lubricating, shock absorbing and has seven times the abrasion resistance of carbon steel
  • Reduction in felt recoil and vibration 


To remove buffer from bolt carrier, remove all small parts from bolt carrier. Place wooden dowel inside bolt carrier and along with a hammer hit the wooden dowel until the buffer comes out.

Now take replacement bolt carrier buffer and align the buffer to the bolt carrier. You can use a firing pin to index it. While holding the firing pin in place, take a hammer and hit the buffer into place. 

Once the buffer is in place and its index you may remove the firing pin and hit the buffer until it sits flush against the bolt carrier.

Once the buffer is in the bolt carrier you may reassemble the bolt carrier's small parts.

RM-30 Muzzle Device 5/8x24"  

Installation Instructions

The RM-30 Muzzle Device is designed to be mounted one of three ways.

1.     Ambi mounting distributes the recoil mitigating force of the RM-30 equally between both the left and right side.

2.     Mounting for right handed shooters optimizes recoil mitigation for the right hander by directing more recoil mitigating force downward toward the left.

3.     Mounting for left handed shooters optimizes recoil mitigation for the left hander by directing more recoil mitigation force downward toward the right.

Once you have decided which mounting method you will use follow the RM-30 instructions provided below.

1.     Regardless of which method you choose you will first place the crush washer on the barrel with the tapered end facing toward the barrel shoulder.

2.     Simply thread the RM-30 onto the barrel by hand until the crush washer and RM-30 are snugged up.

3.     Use a ¾ inch wrench to engage the flats on the RM-30 and tighten the device so as to align the gas ports for the mounting method you have chosen. See mounting method and gas port alignment instructions below.

Mounting methods and gas port alignment.

Look now at the RM-30 and note that there are three 1/8 inch gas ports that are in alignment with each other. These gas ports are going to be your point of reference to set the method of mounting that you have chosen.

1.       For Ambi mounting position the RM-30 so the 3 gas ports are at the 12 o’clock position.

2.       For a right handed shooter position the RM-30 so the 3 gas ports are at the 1 o’clock position.

3.       For a left handed shooter position the RM-30 so the 3 gas ports are at the 11 o’clock position.


Please Note: The 11, 12, and 1 o’clock positions are intended to be used from the shooter’s perspective, as if you were behind the firearm aiming at a clock.