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Notice: Due to issues of people wanting to purchase the polymer buffers and modify their carriers by other manufactures, we have implemented a new policy to those wanting or needing replacement polymer buffers to protect our invention. We now require that if you want to purchase a buffer as a replacement or a spare and you are the original owner please email us at: [email protected] with your Name and/or Invoice Number so we can assist you in your ordering. If you purchased secondary (some examples, but not limited too): gun shop, dealer or gun show we require you to send us a picture of you holding the Black Rifle Arms Carrier as confirmation. I know its an inconvenience but as a business stand point we have to protect our invention and our customers, and I hope you understand the practice now in place. Normally this wouldn't be an issue with replacement or spare polymer buffers because: 
  • We would have the customers name or invoice number if there ever was an issue 
  • We have never had a customer needing to replace the polymer buffers as to date 
  • We have been running this integrated polymer buffers since 2009 and never have had to replaced any integrated buffers in our own test rifles. 
Thank you in advance for understanding the need to protect our patented design.