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Every once in awhile our system has a glitch and doesn't update an order that has been shipped and will keep it in the NEW ORDER area, at times like this we can duplicate that order by mistake. When this happens we will send a RETURN SHIPPING LABEL for you to return the duplicate order that we processed and shipped twice.

When you AGREED to our TERMS and CONDITIONS during checkout you agreed to ALL TERMS and CONDITIONS including a duplication of an order by us. You agree once we send you a return shipping label to return the duplicate shipment you will return the items within 14 business days. You agree that failure to do so you have authorized Black Rifle Arms to charge your credit card the amount of the order after 14 business days of failure to return the duplicate order. You authorize us to charge the product(s) price plus shipping charges and null and void a chargeback to your credit card.

Our TERMS and CONDITIONS you have agreed to during checkout is a legal binding contract that you agreed to in order to use our website, failure to comply with any of these TERMS and CONDITIONS is a breach of contract.

If you fail to return the second shipment of products sent to you in error after we send a prepaid shipping label a charge you have authorized Black Rifle Arms to charge your credit card for the duplicated order due to your breach of contract in not sending back the duplicate order as per your agreement during checkout of our TERMS and CONDITIONS that you agreed to in order to checkout of our website. Agreeing to our TERMS and CONDITIONS null and voids any credit card dispute if we charge you for the second shipment of goods once we send you a return shipping label and 14 business days passes and package you agreed to return has not been received or there is no tracking by carrier. You give up your rights to dispute such charges and any disputes you create will be challenged with all documentations provided to credit card and you agree if you lose the dispute you will owe a minimum of $30.00 for the dispute fee we incur which we will charge to your credit card once dispute has ended, this will be a separate charge that you have authorized Black Rifle Arms to charge when you agreed to our Terms and Conditions at checkout.