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This is a legal binding contract you read and agreed to during checkout in accordance regarding Signature Confirmation and agree that Black Rifle Arms or Associates are not responsible for SIGNATURE RELEASE AUTHORIZATION/No Signature Confirmation packages scanned as Delivered on orders placed on our website.

This Signature Confirmation Policy if you READ and AGREE to it is a WAIVER TO RELEASE BLACK RIFLE ARMS and/or associates reliable for delivered parcels and they will not be replaced.

By Clicking the Signature Release Authorization during checkout you agree you have read, understand and agree it's your digital signature to release your parcel without your signature. Signature Release Authorization serves as your digital signature that overrides your credit cards required signature for proof of delivery and that your digital signature is a contract that you accept the carrier to leave your parcel unattended without your signature and you are fully responsible for any parcels that go missing, and that you acknowledge parcel will not be replaced once it states delivered. 

If your financial institution requires Signature Confirmation as proof of you receiving your package and you refuse Signature Confirmation, your acceptance of REFUSAL to acquire Signature Confirmation during checkout is a binding contract with Black Rifle Arms and your Financial Institution that you READ AND AGREED TO OUR SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION and that YOU ACCEPT FULL REPSONSIBILITY FOR ANY PARCELS THAT STATE DELIVERED and that you ACCEPTED the SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION POLICY TO WAIVE SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION in order to use our website to checkout. You agree you waived SIGNTURE CONFIRMATION per your financial institutions rules/regulations per signature confirmation of parcels and accept full responsibility of the consequences per "delivered" parcel and agree that once parcel states "Delivered" you agree you received your parcel. Your digital signature releases you from having to sign for parcel and you accept once your digitally signed the Signature Release Authorization you acknowledge you release Black Rifle Arms from chargebacks from your financial institution/credit card services. Financial Institutions/Credit Card Services SHALL NOT null or void contract made between Black Rifle Arms and customers who accept they have read and acknowledge a binding contract for services agreed to and rendered or Financial Institutions/Credit Card Services will be held liable for failing to uphold a valid contract between all parties.

Signature Confirmation requires you the customer to sign for your package, you are offered this option during checkout if you waive your right for Signature Confirmation you will not have to sign for your package (No Signature Confirmation); however, you take full responsibility once that package states delivered.

Once tracking states "DELIVERED" a replacement parcel will not be issues as you READ & AGREED to those rights during checkout.

If you choose: RELEASE WITHOUT SIGNATURE: - DIGITAL SIGNATURE RELEASE AUTHORIZATION - Parcel will not be replaced once delivered. If we issue a replacement package out of good faith then that parcel will go cheapest shipping method and you will have to pick up at local post office to ensure you have received your parcel. You will need to provide picture ID.


If your order is marked as 'Delivered' but you don’t see it, please check with your local post office (not the USPS hotline) and/or UPS whichever carrier delivered your package. Sometimes an USPS employer will accidental scan the parcel as being delivered, but shows up in a day or two. All carrier's have GPS scanners, you can request them to get with the carrier and provide information where their GPS Scanner scanned the package, this tells them that they scanned at proper location or if they misdelivered.

Unfortunately, if your item is marked as 'Delivered' and you are unable to locate it, we are unable to refund your order or replace the merchandise in your order. Once a package leaves our facility, we only have the Tracking information that customers are also provided. Once your parcel is marked as 'Delivered', it is assumed that the customer has received their merchandise.

If your parcel states delivered give it a couple days to see if it shows up and if it doesn't you have to contact your local carrier and then go down to your local Police Dept and/or Sheriff’s Dept to open an investigation. Also, because the item was shipped through interstate commerce, we may also contact the FBI as this might be a federal matter. In addition, we will contact the USPS Postal Investigator, and they will contact you to ask you questions and/or question your neighbors.

Sometimes a package is marked as 'Delivered' with the note below it stating 'Delivered, To Original Sender', this means that your package was forwarded back to our facility. This could be due to a mistake in your address or a failed delivery attempt. If this occurs, Black Rifle Arms will contact by email stating the issue and your order will be canceled and a store credit and/or gift certificate will be issued minus the shipping charges. You can create a new order with updated address and you can use the store credit and/or gift certificate when placing a new order.