General FAQ Questions:

Are Black Rifle Arms products Made in the USA? 
Yes all Black Rifle Arms manufactured products are made in the USA and with USA Certified Metals

Does Black Rifle Arms have a retail store?
No we do not have a retail store and we are currently closed to the public.

Do you offer order pick-up at your facility?
At this time we do not offer pickup we may offer that in the future, but we are currently strictly online.

Do you offer FFL transfers?
We currently do not offer transfers, but highly recommend Charles at Battle Ready Arms for any local firearm transfers: 321-247-7048

How do you handle pricing errors?
We reserve the right to cancel the order. Pricing errors can occur at times due to glitches or human error and we kindly ask if you see A PRICE IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, please contact us at [email protected] or 386-410-5162.

I'm getting a credit card error or my order won't go through when checking out?
The following may be the cause of your check out issues:
  • Your billing address does not match your credit's card's billing information
  • Your billing zip code should only require the first 5 digits, additional digits in your zip code will disrupt transaction
  • Your bank or creditor may be putting a stop to the must call your bank or creditor for an explanation
  • Insufficient funds in your payment account
Please contact us if you need to call in payment.

Do you offer LE/MIL pricing?
Yes we do. Please visit our LE/MIL ACCOUNTS to learn more about our program.

Do you offer Dealer pricing?
Yes we do on certain products. Please visit our DEALER ACCOUNT to learn more about our program.

Only part of my order arrived, when can I expect the rest?
For items we stock we will ship out together and send you an invoice and packing slip. If you are missing an item off that packing slip please contact us. The items not on your packing slip will drop ship from another facility and we will provide you tracking once we get shipment notification. 

I live in a state, county or city with magazine capacity restriction, but I am a Dealer or LE so how can I order from you?
If you are in a state, county or city with magazine capacity restrictions we can ship to you if:
  • You are a FFL Dealer and you have an account with us with your FFL on file and you ship to your place of business
  • You are active LE and you are shipping to your departments address and you are signed up under our LE account with credentials on file

How do I get notified when items come back in stock?
Go to the products page that is out of stock and put fill out the PUT ME ON THE WAITING LIST. When the item comes back in stock it will autogenerate an email with a link to the product's page.


Do you sell gas piston system conversion kits?
We do not offer our gas piston system as conversion kits.

Why does your piston system not utilize the spring behind the bolt like some other piston systems?
Our piston systems were designed to utilize the bolt rings which are mil-spec. We tested our piston system with the spring behind the bolt and found it made no difference in the cam pin wear and felt it was an extra non-mil spec part that would need replacing while offering no benefits. By adding a spring to your bolt assembly will void your warranty. 

How often does the bolt carrier integrated polymer need to be replaced?
Most likely never under normal usage. We chose the highest quality polymer on the market that has outstanding abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating, chemical and stress cracking resistance with high impact strength.

Do you sell just your piston one-piece carrier with buffer technology?
We do not our patented piston carriers for use with other manufacturers piston setups. Our patented piston carrier is exclusive to our company and is specifically designed for our piston systems specifications and tolerances. Piston carriers are not drop pin bolt carriers like your Direct Impingement bolt carriers; therefore, each manufacturers piston carriers are not compatible with other piston setups. 

What buffer and spring combo do you recommend for your complete piston uppers:
  • 7.62x39 C.A.P.S. and L.P.R. Carbine Uppers
    • Standard buffer and carbine spring
    • H2 buffer and carbine spring
  • 7.62x39 C.A.P.S. Mid-Length Uppers
    • Standard carbine buffer and carbine spring
  • 7.62x39 L.P.R. Mid-Length Uppers
    • H2 buffer and carbine spring
  • 7.62x39 Spartan Carbine
    • Standard buffer and carbine spring
    • H2 buffer and carbine spring
  • 5.56 C.A.P.S. and L.P.R. Carbine Uppers
    • Standard carbine buffer and carbine spring
    • H2 carbine and carbine spring
  • 5.56 C.A.P.S. and L.P.R. Mid-Length Uppers
    • Standard carbine buffer and carbine spring
  • 5.56 Spartan Carbine Uppers
    • Standard buffer and carbine spring
    • H2 buffer and carbine spring
  • 300 Blackout Uppers
    • H2 buffer and standard carbine spring
  • 6.5 Grendel C.A.P.S. and L.P.R. Piston Uppers
    • H2 and standard carbine spring
Do you offer custom builds using your gas piston systems?
We no longer offer custom builds that require machining modifications to customers builds or projects. This business practice is no longer advantageous to our business model or growth. Due to the time it takes to breakdown machines, retool, fixturing, etc. for one-off projects it's too timely and costly and prevents time need for R&D of future Black Rifle Arms projects.

Do you offer 300BLK piston uppers with adjustable gas blocks?
Our 300 Blackout system is nonadjustable. It was determined during our R&D process that by utilizing a piston of a particular size and proper positioning of the gas port location we could achieve outstanding reliability without adding the complexity of a regulated system. Although we are known for our regulated piston systems, and really believe in them because they offer significant benefits with typical rifle calibers especially with suppressed firearm due to suppressor backpressure that may increase bolt carrier velocity by as much as 30 percent. Our regulators provide a means to mitigate over gas situations and compensates for underpowered ammunition which is common with standard rifle calibers; however, 300BLK self-mitigates these gassing issues to a significant degree by virtue of its design. For example, with subsonic ammunition you have a bullet that is typically twice the weight of a supersonic bullet, and it is moving at less than haft the velocity. This creates a situation where subsonic bullets are in the barrel about twice as long providing a longer gas impulse. Conversely supersonic bullets are moving about twice as fast and at much higher pressure. These characteristics enable us to utilize our piston system and gas port positioning to effectively balance between the longer dwell time of subs versus higher peek pressure of supersonic ammunition. The key here is we balancing gas pressure and dwell time with piston size and gas port positioning to optimize reliability, thus eliminating the need to regulate our 300BLK system.