Q: Part Number: 1509112-1 Out of stock again! Any Idea when is next shipment? Thanks

Asked by: Mike Witzgall - 11/18/2021
A: They are back in stock.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/22/2021)

Q: I was gifted an incomplete AR47 pistol...is there a way to tell if I need a type 1 or type 2 BCG?

Asked by: MJ - 10/26/2021
A: You will need to take calipers to the bolt face if you are not sure. It should be .125" if a true 7.62x39. As for AR47 you will need to stick the company that produced your rifle to get a BCG, you can't mix AR-15 BCG with an AR47 as they are machined differently as AR47 has to be cut differently to accept AK mags.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/8/2021)

Q: Does this particular bcg have a enhanced firing pin and o ring on the extractor spring??

Asked by: Trevor Humphrey - 10/3/2021
A: Yes to both questions. You can view all the products information under the products "Product Specifications" tab. Thank you!
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/4/2021)

Q: Do you make a 7.62x39 BCG that works with PSA KS47 uppers?

Asked by: Dee - 8/15/2021
A: No we don't, that is a proprietary system exclusive to PSA.
Answer provided by: Administrator (8/16/2021)

Q: PATIENTLY WAITING! "Just wondering when the 7.62x39 bcg will be back in stock have been trying to get one for a while. Thanks!' DITTO

Asked by: Mike - 6/24/2021
A: It will be approximately 4 to 6 weeks before they are back in stock.
Answer provided by: Administrator (6/29/2021)

Q: Just wondering when the 7.62x39 bcg will be back in stock have been trying to get one for a while. Thanks!

Asked by: Gerrit - 5/4/2021
A: We are hoping for end of May to June
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/5/2021)

Q: I see the extractor does not work in a bca bolts but does this bcg work with bca uppers ?

Asked by: Matr - 5/1/2021
A: Yes we have many customers who have fitted their BCA rifle with our Bolt Carrier Groups
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/5/2021)

Q: Does this bolt face & ears match a M4 Feed Ramp Barrel Extension such as that machined Into the Radical Firearms 16" Barrel profile 7.62x39 Mil-STD upper?

Asked by: Mike - 4/30/2021
A: Yes the bolt fits any mil-spec / mil-STD M4 barrel extension.
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/5/2021)

Q: Any up date in availability for the NiB 7.62 x 39 BCG?

Asked by: Mike - 4/18/2021
A: I don't have a definite date, but current eta is 4 to 6 weeks.
Answer provided by: Black Rifle Arms Sales Team (4/20/2021)

Q: Materials of Construction? MPI? Is It coated? Are matching barrels available

Asked by: Michael Witzgall - 3/13/2021
A: Material is listed under the "PRODUCTS SPECIFICATION" tab. Click on it and it will show you materials used in Bolt Carrier and Bolt Assembly.
Answer provided by: Black Rifle Arms Sales Team (3/14/2021)

Q: When are these going to be availble again? Looking to purchase asap. Thank you

Asked by: Cal Newman - 3/2/2021
A: I don't have an ETA on next round of bolt carriers. They come in at various times. We have had 3 rounds thus far of them this year, so they may come back in stock in April or May.
Answer provided by: Black Rifle Arms Sales Team (3/14/2021)

Q: Would the charging handle from a side-charging BCA 7.62 upper be able to bolt into this?

Asked by: Thomas - 1/15/2021
A: It can but you would need to find a machinist with the proper tooling. You would not only be removing the heat treatment in that area but also plating.
Answer provided by: Black Rifle Arms Sales Team (1/17/2021)

Q: Been having problems with my ar platform in 762x39 reliably shooting russian ammo. Key phrase is reliability. Wondering what your experience has been with this issue. Thanks

Asked by: Cory Settelmeyer - 1/14/2021
A: With all our 7.62x39 products from Uppers to BCG's we use our enhanced firing pins and we see no issues. We have seen on occasion issues with light strikes with TULA and upon examining the ammunition we noted the primers were not seated properly but push too far in so that can cause light strikes. We tell customers Tula can cause issues from light strikes to stuck casings which can cause premature extractor failures. Stick with Wolf, Silver Bear etc. Another thing that can cause light strikes if one has an enhanced firing pin is a incorrectly installed hammer spring, a drop in trigger with a light spring and on rare occasions a hammer riding down with the bolt carrier.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/14/2021)

Q: How often do these get put back in stock?

Asked by: Matt - 1/13/2021
A: They come in and out of stock on a regular basis. We constantly have them being machined, but no matter how many we get in we sell out really fast. We have a new product of them coming into stock (nitrided BCG with our patented polymer design) around end of January, and the NiB BCG will be back in stock around mid-February or soon thereafter.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/14/2021)

Q: I just wanted to double check to be sure, this BCG includes the upgraded extractor that is listed on your website correct?

Asked by: Justin - 1/10/2021
A: Not sure where "upgraded" extractor comes from. We just only use extractors that are machined from materials called out and all our bolt assemblies and extractors from this caliber are machined from beginning as 7.62x39 bolt assemblies or extractors. We do not take other bolts or extractors and machine them to 7.62x39. What bolt assemblies and/or extractors we we sell on the website is what we use to assembly our 7.62x39 bolt carrier groups.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/14/2021)

Q: When will you have more in stock?

Asked by: Garrett bell - 1/5/2021
A: Extractors come back in tomorrow from finish and if they look good and pass the function test we will be putting back BCG in stock this week.
Answer provided by: Black Rifle Arms Sales Team (1/5/2021)

Q: I have the Palmetto KS47 gen 2, will this part work for me ? Thanks.

Asked by: Richard Buskirk - 12/22/2020
A: No, AR-15 bolt carriers are not compatible with AR47 or any rifle that takes AK Magazines.
Answer provided by: Black Rifle Arms Sales Team (12/22/2020)

Q: I have a psa ks47 pistol lower with a Davidson defense upper and was wondering if this bcg would work?

Asked by: Adrian Valencia - 12/12/2020
A: Our Bolt Carrier works with any AR-15 rifles that utilize an AR-15 mil-spec overall dimensioned bolt carrier and AR-15 7.6x39 Magazines. If your setup utilizes AK magazines this bolt carrier will not work.
Answer provided by: Black Rifle Arms Sales Team (12/12/2020)

Q: What is the difference between this "Enhanced" BCG and others, e.g. Toolcraft?

Asked by: Questioner - 11/26/2020
No Answers have been submitted yet.

Q: will this work in my ar-15 7.62x39 windom weaponry rifle?

Asked by: Joe - 10/31/2020
A: Yes, it will work in any AR-15 7.62x39 mil-spec upper. The only platform it won't work in is proprietary AR47 rifles that take AK mags.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/19/2020)

Q: I was wondering when you will have the 7.62x39 enhanced bolt carrier group back in stock

Asked by: Ronnie Williams - 10/14/2020
A: We should have them back in stock this Thursday or Friday (Oct 15/16).
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/14/2020)

Q: Is this bcg for sure in stock and if so how many?

Asked by: Will - 10/11/2020
A: Yes it was, but a few boxes didn't last long. We have another shipment coming in, I believe, at the end of this week and more in the making.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/13/2020)

Q: Do you know the approxament round count life of the buffer on the bolt of the 7.63 x 39?

Asked by: Thomas Aston - 10/8/2020
A: We have never have had to replace a polymer buffer on the bolt carrier in the 11 yrs we have been in business. Under normal operations of the firearm it will probably never need to be replaced. We had a customer about 4 or 5 yrs ago tell us he is retired and all he does is reload and shoot and he had over 20,000 rounds on one of our piston systems and his piston bolt carrier with the polymer buffer looked still new. It's a lifetime warranty part under normal firearm usage.
Answer provided by: Charles B. (10/8/2020)

Q: Is this bcg compartible with LAW tactical folder?

Asked by: Maximilian Robles - 8/12/2020
A: No its not compatible with any folding stock, under our Disclaimer we list it as not being compatible due to the design of the polymer.
Answer provided by: Customer Support (8/24/2020)

Q: ETA on when this bcg will be available?

Asked by: Gus - 8/10/2020
A: Current ETA is about 2 to 3 weeks
Answer provided by: Customer Support (8/24/2020)

Q: Do you offer any discounts for first responders?

Asked by: Brendan - 7/12/2020
A: We offer discounts for LE/MIL. Just sign up for this program under the registration page and send in your first responder (if your a firefighter) credentials.
Answer provided by: Administrator (7/16/2020)

Q: Will this drop in on a primary arms 7.62x39 upper

Asked by: 4 man 53 - 7/8/2020
A: Our BCG has an overall mil-spec dimension so if your Primary Arms AR-15 7.62x39 is to mil-spec our bcg will work just fine.
Answer provided by: Administrator (7/16/2020)

Q: In a Mil-Spec Ar-15 in 7.62x39 do I need the standard bolt carrier buffer or oversized carrier buffer

Asked by: Christopher - 6/28/2020
A: They all come default with a standard buffer installed, but those that want to use an oversized buffer can purchase one and install it if they are want to have a bolt carrier more centerline. If a buffer tube is out of spec or canted it can cause binding issues as the oversize carrier buffer has a larger diameter. If a buffer tube is canted one can reinstall it and hold it straight while tightening it, if a buffer is out of spec while it can work with a standard carrier (due to diameter size) it won't work with an oversized carrier buffer and the buffer tube would need to be replaced.
Answer provided by: Administrator (6/29/2020)

Q: Will this enhanced BCG work in a Palmetto State Armory KS-47?

Asked by: Peter King - 5/21/2020
A: No, our bolt carriers are designed for AR-15 uppers that accept AR-15 magazines. KS-47 bolt carrier group are designed to accept AK-Magazines; therefore, they are incompatible.
Answer provided by: Customer Service (5/21/2020)

Q: I have a Carbine 7.62x39 Windham Weaponry AR15 with a M16 Bolt carrier group and a standard Buffer but I am having issues with Tulammo firing the primer strikes look deep enough to fire but are not would this bolt carrier group help me and does it have an enhanced firing pin included and should I change my Buffer to a H H1 H2 Or H3 Buffer I am also using 3lb drop in Velocity MPC Trigger

Asked by: Jim Haskell - 5/17/2020
A: We use our 7.62x39 bcg for our all our uppers. Yes it includes an enhanced firing pin. We run H2 for all our 7.62x39 carbine uppers. If you are having light strikes with steel case you may want to first make sure if you have a standard firing pin or an enhanced firing pin. If you have an enhanced firing pin then the second most common thing we see is the hammer spring is installed incorrectly. If you would like us to look at your hammer spring please send us a message through our website and include a pic of your lower with your hammer cocked so we can see the hammer spring install.
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/18/2020)

Q: I was wondering if this bolt is cut for AK mags. If not do y’all carry one that is or can you point me in the direction of one, thanks

Asked by: Devin - 4/30/2020
A: No, our bolt carriers are AR-15 bolt carriers, and; therefore, will not work with AK magazines. We do not carry any bolt carriers designed for use with AK magazines.

One would have to purchase a bolt carrier and send it to Paladin Machining Services in Kershaw, SC for such services.
Answer provided by: Customer Service (5/5/2020)

Q: Does this BCG include the enhanced firing pin for the 7.62x39

Asked by: Wild one - 4/11/2020
A: Yes, the 7.62x39 BCG comes with an enhanced firing pin.
Answer provided by: Charles Cassels (4/12/2020)

Q: Standard Spare Bolt Carrier Buffer [+$10.00] Oversized Spare Bolt Carrier Buffer - Centers Carrier - Note: Out of Spec Receivers Can Have Binding Issues [+$10.00] what's different between the two

Asked by: Robert Arellano - 4/2/2020
A: The oversized polymer buffer has a larger radius surface to center the bolt carrier group in the rifle.
Answer provided by: Charles Cassels (4/5/2020)

Q: What’s the warranty on this bolt carrier?

Asked by: F Barnett - 1/6/2020
A: Our bolt carrier and key have a limited lifetime warranty. Small parts have a 6 month limited warranty. To see full warranty information please see this link: https://blackriflearms.com/WARRANTY_ep_41-1.html
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/6/2020)

Q: I have a 7.62x39 upper ,and presume it has standard specs. Will your di bcg drop in without machining or head space issues

Asked by: Mike - 12/4/2019
A: Our bolt carrier is mil-spec to dimensions so it will fit any AR-15 that is built to mil-spec. It is a drop-in ready BCG; however, we do advise end users to check headspace no matter who's barrel/bcg you purchase.
Answer provided by: Charles Cassels (12/4/2019)

Q: Is this the right BCG for a 7.62x39 piston driven Ar?

Asked by: Keegan May - 11/6/2019
A: No, all bolt carriers/bolt carrier groups we sell by themselves on the website are for Direct Impingement. If you need a spare piston carrier and have a piston conversion or piston upper of ours you can purchase one by calling it in. We will verify existing piston conversion/upper within our database and send you an invoice to pay. Since our piston bolt carriers are designed only to work with our piston systems we do not offer them as a standalone product to purchase on our website.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/13/2019)

Q: I doubt it’s possible but I thought I’d ask considering the good reviews your bcg have. I usually run a law tactical folder on almost everything AR I shoot. Considering the buffer I doubt it’s possible to use the law tactical folding mechanism. Just curious if it’s been tried. Thanks

Asked by: George Willis - 10/28/2019
A: Due to the design of our Bolt Carrier with the polymer end the Law Tactical Folder is not compatible.
Answer provided by: Charles Cassels (10/28/2019)

Q: Does the enhanced 7.62x39 bolt carrier come with the 7.62x39 Melonite QPQ Bolt Assembly ?

Asked by: Daniel - 8/11/2019
A: Yes all our BCG's come with a melonite bolt assembly. Under product 'Specifications' tab it will call out all materials, coatings etc as we try to give as much information as we can so customers can make an informed decision on our products.

As for the other questions we have removed it for further followup per an email as it concerns a piston build and we removed your phone number to keep your personal phone number protected.
Answer provided by: Administrator (8/14/2019)

Q: On the previous question about 7.62 x 39 working with the Grendel or .264 LBC. Was the answer yes it should work with a Grendel case because it is the parent round for the Grendel?

Asked by: Hunterdl - 5/25/2019
A: Be aware that there are some rogue 6.5 Grendel barrels out there reamed to use the 0.125 bolt. Contact the barrel manufacturer directly or work with a qualified gunsmith if you are unsure.
Answer provided by: Corpsie (12/3/2019)
A: 7.62x39 is not interchangeable with a 6.5 Grendel, they have two different bolt faces. 7.62x39 has a .125" Bolt Face and the 6.5 Grendel and LBC 264 have a .136" Bolt Face. For a 6.5 BCG you would need this BCG: https://www.blackriflearms.com/M16-65-Grendel-Enhanced-Bolt-Carrier-Group-with-Buffer-Technology-_p_296.html
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/26/2019)

Q: Do you have a list of upper side chargers that your upper system will work with? What about DFA products? Thank you, -Hunter

Asked by: Hunterdl - 5/25/2019
A: Gibbz Arms and Spartan Side Charger with no modifications. The other side chargers on the market require bolt carrier modifications, we don't recommend any side chargers that require bolt carrier modifications. DFA folders require the bolt carrier to be modified to work with their proprietary buffer and spring assembly.
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/27/2019)

Q: I own one of your 7.62x 39 enhanced bolt s.....it is running fine....as far as spares go are you seeing any broken bolt lugs?at what round count do you recommend bolt replacement. Thanks

Asked by: Jack - 4/14/2019
A: We always suggest having a spare bolt assembly and extractor. We see little issues with broken bolt lugs, you mostly see failures with the extractors. An overgassed firearm will cause more stress on the extractor and premature extractor failures in this caliber.
Answer provided by: Administrator (4/14/2019)

Q: Will this work with a JP silent capture buffer?

Asked by: Samuel - 3/19/2019
A: JP Silent Capture Spring is not compatible with our carriers buffers. In order to use JP Silent Capture Spring, the end user would need to make modifications to the carrier's integrated buffer.
Answer provided by: Administrator (4/14/2019)

Q: Any idea if this bolt will work in the KS47 being sold by Palametto State Armory?

Asked by: RiverDawg24 - 4/7/2018
A: The KS47 is designed for use with AK mags; therefore, our AR-15 bolt carriers will not work with KS47 or any hybrid rifle that runs AK mags as the bolt carrier has to clear the AK mags so they have different tolerances than mil-spec AR-15 bolt carriers.
Answer provided by: Administrator (4/7/2018)

Q: Will this BCG work with a Bear Creek Arsenal Upper Receiver in 7.62x39?

Asked by: Miguel - 1/13/2018
A: Our BCG is mil-spec to dimensions so it should fit any AR-15 that is built to mil-spec.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/13/2018)

Q: Part two from my previous question. Does this BCG work in a standard 223/556 upper or does the Upper Receiver have to be made for 7.62x39? My next build will be in 7.62x39 but I'm not too knowledgeable in what upper receiver to pair with your BCG. What upper receiver do you recommend? Thank you in advance!

Asked by: Miguel - 1/13/2018
A: All of our AR-15/M16 BCG's are for the AR-15 platform and if you want to pair the Bolt Carrier from your 7.62x39 to your 5.56 you can; however, you would need to switch out the bolt assembly to a 5.56 bolt assembly and the enhanced firing pin to standard AR-15 firing pin. The bolt carrier, cam pin and firing pin retaining pin are interchangeable with any AR-15 upper. You can use any mil-spec AR-15 upper receiver with our Bolt Carrier. Aero Precision makes some nice uppers/lower receivers.
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/13/2018)

Q: Would this bolt carrier be usable in a 223 upper with the appropriate bolt installed(from a spares and interchangeability aspect)? After checking headspace I assume?..thanks

Asked by: John Harrington - 12/17/2017
A: Yes the 7.62x39 utilizes an AR-15 bolt carrier that you can swap other AR-15 bolts, firing pins, etc if one would need to change over to a 5.56, 6.5 Grendel, 5.45x39 and other AR-15 calibers. So if one gets this 7.62x39 BCG then wants to utilize it in a 5.56 then the only parts you would need to change out is bolt assembly and firing pin as our 7.62x39 BCG utilizes an enhanced firing pin so one would need to swap it out to a standard AR15 firing pin.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/17/2017)

Q: Can this fit my Colts Sporter?

Asked by: Carlos Ramirez - 3/21/2017
A: Our bolt carrier will fit any AR-15 that utilizes mil-spec bolt carrier. If Colt utilizes a mil-spec bolt carrier group in their Sporter Rifle then yes our bolt carrier group will work with your setup.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/21/2017)

Q: Can this be drilled and tapped to use with a BCA reciprocating side charge upper?

Asked by: Ar lover - 3/5/2017
A: We have had other customers tap and drill carriers for use with side charging uppers our only disclaimer is it voids the warranty and you will have bare metal which will allow for corrosion.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/8/2017)

Q: Buddy gave me a radical firearms upper sans the bolt and carrier as "payment" for a job I know 7.62x39 in the AR can be iffy at times minus some enhanced parts so to speak. I'm not terribly familiar with your products. Would this bcg work in said upper and function with standard direct impingement. Or is this bcg specifically designed to run on a piston system and your uppers only like some of the other property AR 7.62x39 stuff on the market?

Asked by: Joe - 9/6/2016
A: This BCG is for direct impingement, it's not a piston carrier. All the BCG you see listed for sell are bolt carrier and key which is only utilized in your standard mil-spec AR-15 calibers. This bcg will work with Radical or any other mil-spec AR-15.
Answer provided by: Administrator (9/6/2016)

Q: Does the integrated polymer buffer replace my existing buffer? Based on looks, I don't think so, but wanted to check.

Asked by: Darren - 8/22/2016
A: No, our Direct Impingement Carrier with Buffer Technologies does not replace existing buffers in the lower receiver. Our bolt carriers with buffer technology has an overall mil-spec length, and, therefore, requires the use of a buffer.
Answer provided by: Administrator (8/22/2016)

Q: Does this use a buffer?

Asked by: Mack Williams - 7/12/2016
A: Yes, our Direct Impingement Carrier with Buffer Technologies have an overall mil-spec length and therefore requires a buffer.
Answer provided by: Administrator (7/12/2016)

Q: This bcg fits into a standard ar15 upper?

Asked by: Bdmr - 6/10/2016
A: Yes this carrier will drop in any mil-spec standard AR-15 Upper.
Answer provided by: Administrator (6/10/2016)

Q: What type of cleaning solutions can you use?

Asked by: Thomas Malewitz - 3/12/2016
A: You can use any firearm cleaning solution(s) as long as it does not contain ammonia. Failzero/UCT Coating recommends no ammonia based cleaning solutions due to the NiB coating.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/12/2016)

Q: So the buffer has to be taken off when taking out the firing pin and bolt?

Asked by: Thomas Malewitz - 3/11/2016
A: No, we assemble them and disassemble them with the buffers in. Just put bolt assembly in as normal, then cam pin, then put the firing pin in between the carrier's long slits into the bolt assembly, then the firing pin retaining pin. We've never have had to remove the buffer to get the small parts assembled or disassembled.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/11/2016)

Q: I'm building up a ASA side charging upper. Would there be a problem with me have the small notch cut into the bcg for the charging handle?

Asked by: Jeremy - 1/16/2016
A: There shouldn't be, but we recommend having a gunsmith with proper tooling machine it unless you have the proper tooling. Any modifications to bolt carrier voids all manufacturing warranty, though.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/11/2016)

Q: While i understand a x39 bcg can't run in a 6.5 Grendel chamber (due to the .11 difference in headspace from the .125 to the .136), im curious, has this bolt ever been tested in a 264 LbC chamber with the proper type 1 head space?

Asked by: Jesse - 12/10/2015
A: If the barrel is headspaced for the .125 it should work because the case dimesions are identical to 7.62x39 where the case interfaces with the bolt and extractor.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/12/2015)

Q: has the bolt been MPI'd?

Asked by: Sheldon - 10/9/2015
A: HTP/MPI Tested: HTP/MPI test, our material is checked prior to machining by our supplier of 9310.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/9/2015)

Q: Do you guys sell replacement polymer buffers?

Asked by: Torin M - 8/5/2015
A: We do sell replacement polymer buffers to only customers that have purchased one of our bolt carriers.
Answer provided by: Administrator (8/5/2015)

Q: I'm interested in your 7.62x39 BCG... My question is: how does it perform in PDW/SBR? I would like to run it in my 7.5" bbl and I'm concerned about cycling issues and if it would be necessary to adjust my gas settings!!

Asked by: Nathan - 5/12/2015
A: It will run fine in PDW/SBR. You would only need to adjust the system if your gas port is oversized. We run PDW in Piston and Direct Impingement all the time. Here is a video of us running PDW with our Piston Upper which uses our BCG with integrated buffer: https://youtu.be/E4nDGzL2fRg
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/12/2015)

Q: is this complete with the firing pin??

Asked by: bo - 4/24/2015
A: Yes, the 7.62x39 bolt carrier group comes with an enhanced firing pin. This carrier is complete and ready to drop in for use in ones rifle.
Answer provided by: Administrator (4/24/2015)

Q: What kind of warranty does the x39 BCG have ?

Asked by: Clayton Duerbeck - 3/5/2015
A: The carrier and polymer buffer are lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. All other small parts are known replacement parts and are not covered by warranty other than the bolt assembly comes with a 4-month warranty against manufacturer defect by OEM.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/6/2015)