Q: Part Number: 1607243. I purchased one of these a while back. My question is about the BCG and if it is full auto rated (for binary setup). If it isn’t, is there a compatible piston driven BCG that you can recommend.

Asked by: Danel Kalloo - 5/18/2023
A: All of our bcg are m14 for full auto.
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/23/2023)

Q: what is the bolt material and finish? what is the carrier material and finish? is the carrier chrome lined for the bolt?

Asked by: Fred Evers - 9/1/2022
A: Because our carriers are NiB we do not need to chrome line them. Here our the specs:

Bolt Carrier Material, 8620
Bolt Carrier Nickel Boron Coating
Bolt body produced from AISI 9310 VAR (Vacuum Arc Remelt) and Nitrided, Extractor produced from MIL-S-5000 steel and vacuum hardened
Answer provided by: Black Rifle Arms Sales Team (9/1/2022)

Q: I will be shooting mostly suppressed and subsonic ammo, is there any adjustment for the piston or is it needed and what manufactures barrel do you use?

Asked by: Bryan Hollingsworth - 2/12/2022
A: Our 300BLK was designed to run optimally between super and subs without the need to adjust. Our barrels are manufactured by Shaw Barrels for us according to our specs.
Answer provided by: Administrator (2/17/2022)

Q: Why isnt this compatible with law tactical folder? Is it specific to your BCG?

Asked by: Michael Domer - 12/17/2020
A: The Law Tactical golder has a part that has to be inserted in the bolt carrier and because we use a polymer insert it makes our bolt carriers incompatible with any folders.
Answer provided by: Black Rifle Arms Sales Team (12/19/2020)

Q: Is there any other rails that can fit this?

Asked by: Jake Simon - 6/19/2020
A: No, we designed our proprietary barrel to use exclusively with Aero Precision Enhanced Hanguards.
Answer provided by: Administrator (6/21/2020)

Q: Does these have Pistol length gas system? Thank you.

Asked by: RL Bone - 6/9/2020
A: Yes these uppers have a pistol length gas system.
Answer provided by: Customer Service (6/9/2020)

Q: What forend systems is this compatible with?

Asked by: Dane - 11/30/2019
A: We specifically designed this particular piston system to fit with the Aero Precision Enhanced handguards using our proprietary steel piston barrel nut. Since we didn't design this piston system to fit with other handguards we are unaware of any other handguards that are compatible.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/30/2019)

Q: What buffer is reccomened with this upper?

Asked by: Maxwell - 9/18/2019
A: For our 300BLK Piston Uppers, we recommend H2 Buffer and Standard Carbine Spring. https://www.blackriflearms.com/FAQ_ep_55.html
Answer provided by: Charles Cassels (9/18/2019)

Q: Can you use a left or right sided upper side charger with the. 300 BO and more importantly to me the Grendel which I am doing ny best to save up to buy. Thank you -Hunter

Asked by: Hunterdl - 5/25/2019
A: Our 300BLK you can't use a side charger because we have to build our 300BLK utilizing our proprietary upper receivers which use a rocker bushing in order for one to remove the piston system due to short gas length. To see this feature please click on link: https://youtu.be/fdvbPdPm-Xw The 6.5 Grendels can use side charging upper receivers, we will be adding more Grendel uppers to the product lineup over the next couple of weeks.
Answer provided by: Administrator (5/27/2019)

Q: What makes this work as a non regulated system for both suppressed and unsuppressed, subsonic and super? Very apprehensive to spend this much on a system that I cannot find much information and reviews on.

Asked by: Spike - 4/17/2017
A: All of our piston systems are designed specifically for each caliber, and then the regulators gas ports are specifically sized for the barrel and gas system length. We don't do any one sizes fits all because it is impossible for any one gas system to deliver the highest degree of performance that we demand of anything we build. What you see on our website is only a small part of what we do. We are primarily an R&D company that is 100% focus developing the most reliable and innovative firearms possible. It is not surprising that you are not finding a lot of information about us because we have devoted all of our resources to R&D and special projects developing next generation small arms. All of our retail sales are by word of mouth because we do not advertise. If you want to speak with me for a more detailed Q&A give me a call at 386.428.7960
Answer provided by: Administrator (4/18/2017)

Q: I'm looking for specifics on the Ballistic Advantage barrel. Is this the Hanson series Performance-line 10.3" barrel?

Asked by: kfzig - 12/12/2016
A: These Ballistic Advantage barrels for this build are from their Modern Series.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/13/2016)

Q: Hi! Can I order this custom with a Silencerco ASR flash hider correctly pre-installed? Thanks!

Asked by: kfzig - 9/26/2016
A: You would need to purchase and have it dropped shipped to us and we would properly install it. Gunsmith fee is $20.00. barrel thread is 5/8x24".
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/12/2016)